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Matlab error: Model root is an ONC path

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Botakoz Koshkarova
Botakoz Koshkarova on 24 Sep 2018
I am trying to create a Simulink Model using RTICANMM Blockset. I am using a third party real-time hardware & software from dSpace. RTICANMM Blockset is from dSpace. However, when I try to open(double-click) any RTICANMM blocks on Simulink model, I get the an error "Model root is an ONC Path. Error: ONC paths are not supported". I cannot find what is ONC path anywhere or how to resolve this issue.
I would appreciate any input.

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Vinicius Rodrigues de Oliveira
Same issue here.
What I did to solve was, instead of opeding the model in the server folder, I have copy of the model in my harddrive, than it works.

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