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Can I use the Pixhawk Support Package (PSP) on a Windows 7 64bit setup?

Asked by Wess Gates on 24 Sep 2018
Latest activity Answered by Abhishek GS on 2 Apr 2019
The PSP install instructions reference bash for Windows 10 which seem to require Windows System for Linux (WSL) according to the Microsoft website. WSL is unavailable for Windows 7 from what I have found. I could use cygwin to get bash in Windows 7 but will it play nice with the Mathworks PSP requirements?


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Answer by Abhishek GS on 27 Sep 2018

Hi Wess,
The PSP is currently based only on Bash on Windows Toolchain, and not Cygwin toolchain. The windows PSP users are limited to Win 10 for now.


@Abhishek GS
I am using Windows 7 64 bit. :(
Hi Mahmud,
Unfortunately, the PSP is currently supported only on Windows 10.
@Abhishek GS
Hi! I am facing the same problem. Will there be also a version for Windows 7 anytime soon? Thank you in advance!

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Answer by Abhishek GS on 1 Apr 2019

The official support package - 'Embedded Coder Support Package for PX4 Autopilots' is now live. You can refer this link for more information.
The support package officially only supports Win10, because the PX4 toolchain (Bash on Windows) depends on Windows Subsystem Linux which is available in Win10 onwards . However, you may be able to use Cygwin toolchain for PX4 along with the support package, which is not dependant on Win10.
Please follow the steps mentioned in above link. Note that this workaround is not tested on Windows 7.

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@Abhishek GS
Thank you!
I have installed the Cygwin toolchain and followed the steps as described in Cygwin toolchain for PX4 along with the support package. However, I can't go forward with the steps 10-16 because the Hardware Setup screens won't launch, I can't see or choose the "Validate PX4 Source Code" and "Build Firmware" windows. It shows me directly this when clicking the Hardware Setup button from Manage Add-Ons:
Is there any other way to configure the firmware location or to access these screens?

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Answer by Abhishek GS on 2 Apr 2019

Hi @Sebastian
You may be able to use the Cygwin toolchain on Win 7. However, please note that it has not been tested at our end.
Please follow the below steps:
  1. With reference to this documentation, complete the steps from 1-10. Ignore the rest of the steps, as it is specific for Win10. You need not launch Hardware Setup Screens.
2. Copy the attached file ‘Win7registerCygwinToolchain.m’ to the folder >>fullfile(matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot,'toolbox','target','supportpackages','px4','+px4')
3. Execute the below commands on MATLAB Command Prompt:
>>rehash toolboxcache; rehash path;
>>px4.Win7registerCygwinToolchain('C:\px4_cygwin\home', 'px4fmu-v5_default', 'C:\px4_cygwin')
  • Argument 1 – PX4 Firmware source folder
  • Argument 2 – CMAKE configuration. For example Pixhawk 4 uses 'px4fmu-v5_default’ cmake.
  • Argument 3 – Cygwin Installation directory
The above steps should ideally set you up for using the support package on Win7. I would like to reiterate that it has not been tested on Win7.
The above workaround is for R2018b and R2019a only.


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