how to make a guide with multiple pages to display

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i wanted to make a guide which should contain multiple pages with some text and images. May be i can change the page by scrolling down. help me to make guide.
MUKHTAR MANSURI on 27 Sep 2018
yes a guide page, with multiple images and text. so that i can see a long page through scroll down.. if u have some example please attach.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 26 Sep 2018
Jan on 29 Sep 2018
@MUKHTAR MANSURI: Again: What does "guide" mean here? What does "as available in common software" mean? "using guide on matlab" is not clear also. Please post a copy of "showing some error", otherwise the readers cannot guess, what you are talking of. "will attach to help button" can mean a variety of things also.

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