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how to create a volume using x,y,z co-ordinates for use in isosurface & isocaps function

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cgenes on 26 Sep 2018
Commented: cgenes on 26 Sep 2018
Hi I have x,y,z co-ordinates - which you can visualise with " figure, stem3(xI, yI, zI, 'MarkerFaceColor', 'g'); " , if you open my attached .mat file
I want to create a volume from this, compatible with the the matlab functions isosurface and isocaps
the eventual aim is to build a wavefront object (using this function
How would I go about making (interpolating?) this volume matrix, assuming that the volume starts from z=0 to z=n ?
cgenes on 26 Sep 2018
Hi guys - thanks - two things i) I had a look at: F = scatteredInterpolant(x,y,z,v) creates a 3-D interpolant of the form v = F(x,y,z). But i don't think the example explains how to get v very well - could you explain with reference to my data? ii) if I succeed in getting a surface using scatteredInterpolant() could I still easily make a wavefront object file?

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 26 Sep 2018
Already you have a surface there......
surf(xI, yI, zI)
shading interp
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cgenes on 26 Sep 2018
yes thank you - i was missing the "shading interp" command
I shall accept this answer - but if you can think of any good ways to export this surface as a wavefront object file -would be most appreciated

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