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How lo use selector option in shaperead to load only vector elements bounded in a area?

Asked by pietro
on 30 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by KSSV
on 30 Sep 2018
Hi all,
I have a very large shapefile of road-network containing only coordinates and the type of elements (i.e. line) (JFI, you will find the shapefile here. Since this file is hard to process even for my computer with 16GB and I am not interested in all the elements included in the shape file, is it possible load only the roads bounded in a circled/boxed area centered at the coordinate lat0, lon0 with a radius/side of 100km? Thus, I will reduce the size of the shape loaded vector struct array. Thanks.
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Read the have an option of reading the required attribute.
Thank you I made it! I was tring to solve the problem with the selector and I missed the boundingbox option!

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