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How can I license the application I developed?

Asked by Muhendisleksi on 2 Oct 2018
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on 2 Oct 2018
How can I license the application I developed?


That depends on your Matlab licence. You might not be allowed to use your copy of Matlab for comercial purposes. You should contact Mathworks with this question.
I used the student package at the university. So this is a program I did in college. What should I do now?
I believe you can't commercially license an application you made with your student licence. You should check the licence agreement you agreed to when installing Matlab. You should be able to find this in the root of your installation folder. As a side note: you might not even be allowed to keep the intelectual property in the first place, as some universities require you to yield any IP for everything you come up with that is plausibly related to your field of study.

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