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How to Add Uitable Second Column as the Sum of the First Column

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Murat Kocaman
Murat Kocaman on 4 Oct 2018
Commented: Murat Kocaman on 5 Oct 2018
I have an output which gives the values of objects in an image. I would like to add second column with the sum of the values of first column.
MaxValue= power((4/pi)*areaValues/CalibrationValue , 3/2)*372*power(10, -5);
TotalMaxValue = sum(MaxValue);
uitable('Data', [MaxValue],...
'ColumnName', {'MaxValue' 'TotalMaxValue'}, ...
'Position', [20 20 150 150]);
This part provides a table with 2 column but TotalMaxValue column is empty. There is only Headline on it.
How could I do that?


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Murat Kocaman
Murat Kocaman on 4 Oct 2018
It is enough that there would be only one row on 'TotalMaxValue' column. My problem is with matrice dimension error.
Adam on 4 Oct 2018
Well you can't have only 1 row in one column if you have more rows in another column. If it is always going to be same value in every row of a column a table doesn't seem like the appropriate place to have this information, but if it is what you really want just use
doc repmat
to replicate your TotalMaxValue to the same size as MaxValue and then concatenate them

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