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Reading very heavy .txt files and writing into .xlsx

Asked by Pankaj Yadav on 8 Oct 2018
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on 22 Dec 2018
Hello, I have a very heavy data file and I have divided it into several parts but I don't know how to write those separated files into excel format.
Would be very helpful to get the code for that.
Thank you!


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Then we have to
2nd step : Write to excel file
if you are unsure with it, you may provide few of your files. So we can assist you better.
What exactly is a "heavy data file"? Which format does it have? What exactly is the problem? What have you tried so far?

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1 Answer

Answer by ANKUR KUMAR on 8 Oct 2018

A=randi(10,50,50); %a random matrix to store in excel file
You can use 'sheet1' to write in sheet1 of excel file.
If you wish to save every output in different sheets, then keep on changing sheets.


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