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How do find the frequency from a FFT graph?

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Aidil AA
Aidil AA on 9 Oct 2018
Commented: Aidil AA on 10 Oct 2018
Hi guys, I have an audiowave file, I have gotten the time domain and the fft graph. My question what is the next step to find the frequency from the fft graph? Thanks.
KSSV on 9 Oct 2018
YOu can click using datatips...or use findpeaks. Or +sort_ the x-axis and pick the respective required y-axes i.e frequencies.

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Accepted Answer

David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 9 Oct 2018
Hi Aidil,
if there are N points in the data array, then the frequency array consists of N points with spacing fs/N. The following example uses fftshift to put zero frequency at the center of the array. It's slightly different for N even or N odd.
data_fft = fftshift(fft(data))
N = length(data);
if rem(N,2) == 0
f = (-N/2:N/2-1) *(fs/N) % N is even
f = (-(N-1)/2:(N-1)/2)*(fs/N)
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Aidil AA
Aidil AA on 10 Oct 2018
Thanks David, I finally understand it now. Cheers!

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