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Renaming a model from explorer or MATLAB folder

Asked by Adrian Dronca on 29 Jun 2012

Hello all,

I want to know when a user renames a model with F2, either from windows explorer or from MATLAB Current Folder, if there is a Callback called and how to catch or overwrite it.

I`m asking this because when I rename my models I want some data to be saved in a file.

I do not want the model to be opened.

I hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance,



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1 Answer

Answer by TAB
on 29 Jun 2012
Edited by TAB
on 29 Jun 2012

AFAIK, it is not possible to handle the model file rename event or callback in the matlab when file is renamed from or outside matlab.

What you can do is, design your own GUI (or write a function) in matlab to rename the model file.

In the GUI/Function, you can save your data or do your operation.


Well, too bad :(

I already added a menu item to the Simulink model as you suggested in another post I made and did all I wanted in an m-file.

I was asked to find a way to do that when the file is renamed from windows also and the solution to be in MATLAB not in another language.

Thanks for the info.

I found a way of catching the callback when a file is renamed or changed by using .NET in MATLAB.

Pretty interesting I may add.

The only problem is that is takes huge amount of RAM memory.

OK, Great !!

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