I have latitude, longitude and Height data in form matrix, then I would plot these values in 3D plot just like how surface looks.

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sivaiah borra
sivaiah borra on 13 Oct 2018
Commented: sivaiah borra on 15 Oct 2018
I just want to plot like 3D surface how generally we see with lat, lon and height data. Can I plot this directly with any commands or should I do anything else in data before we apply commands

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Yavor Kamer
Yavor Kamer on 13 Oct 2018
lat and lon are in degrees and height is in meter/kilometers etc. If you want to plot them in the same plot (with plot3 for example) you need to convert lat and lon to the same units as your height.
If you have mapping toolbox you can use mfwdtran with a suitable projection for your region of interest.
sivaiah borra
sivaiah borra on 15 Oct 2018
Thank you for your answer. It is giving only 3D line graph but, i want to plot 3D spatial plot or 3D Surface plot
just like how surface topography appears in 3D as given above image

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