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How do I organize this data into a 3D matrix

Asked by Susan Santiago on 13 Oct 2018 at 23:34

I have a cell of data where the first column is the full date. I'm being asked to organize it in a matrix so that if something like H(1,2,:), it would return all the data from the second day of January. The dates are in the format yyyymmddHHMM, if that helps. he cell i'm working with is attached. Each row is a data file. The first column in each of the cells in the first column are the date. I'm kind of just looking for guidance on how to achieve something like this. Please help. It's come to my attention that there are some missing data points in the cell but still, i'd just like to know what I should be doing to do this. I'm not even necessarily asking for someone to write code for me just please, I have no idea what i'm doing or how to make this happen.


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