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Is it possible to simulate an electric circuit including RF waves phenomenon, magnetism and classic circuit lawas ?

Asked by Krzysztof Szybinski on 14 Oct 2018
Dear MathWorks forum mabers,
I have a following circuit which I have to simulate:
Quick description of circuit and what is the meaning of following numbers:
1. Equivalent circuit of air core transformer. The secondary coil is almost shorted (form the circuit point of view) form the magneitc properties this is a few turns of flat bar made from kanthal which covers the primary coil which is just a few turns of cooper;
2. Coupling between secondary coil to the circuit GND>
3. Equivalent circuit of feedthrough capacitor - 1.6nF;
4. 50Ohm terminator;
5. Real voltometer with 1GOhm resistor (
6. Voltage impulse source with following impulse type (Log-Gaussain):
Estimated impulse paramters are : Duration time 100ns, Rising time: 2ns.
Think is that the circuits simulators like PsPice, Tina etc. doesn't takes ino account the waves and magnetics phenomenoms but only classic circuit theory. If I wanted to make real a simulation including those combined phenomenoms I would have to use programs like CST Studio, Comsol or Fluent which I have to buy (and they are quite expensive).
My question is whether is it possible to combine all physical phenomena using Matlab & Simulink ? Ir doesn;t have to be very accurate like in CST Studio.
Best, Chris


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