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MATLAB standalone application that includes Excel data template

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I would like to include an Excel spreadsheet within my standalone application that has a lot of formatting applied and will simply be filled with data and saved to a local drive. If I include it as a 'required file' during compilation, MATLAB opens it when I load the program. Obviously I can prompt the user to select the file or I can save the file in a specific directory, but is there any way to do it by storing the xlsx file as part of the program?
ChiPhi85 on 27 Oct 2018
Thanks for your response. I don't need the user to see the Excel file. The Excel file is just an empty template that I want to fill with data and then save to the users computer. It's just that it has nice formatting so they can just print it with all the data filled in.
Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 28 Oct 2018
For compilation, i'm still prefer save it as mat. file. if user want to print it, at that moment, in your program, you write your data to excel.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Oct 2018
Use the -a option in mcc to include a file in your executable.
Evan Bates
Evan Bates on 15 Jan 2019
Did this work for you? I want to do the same thing, however, can't get it to work.

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