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Partial shading efect in PV systems?

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Hi Ms all, I need help in order to understand better some issues that I am experiencing in my PV systems under partial shaded effect. however in order to overcome the issue that I am having, I have to make some queries to know how overpass the problems in my experimentation:
  1. Item one Why in the Matlab model there is not necessary a capacitor whereas in my model I have to attach a capacitor in between the Cell Array and a power DC-DC converter wether I want proof a MPPT, which is enterely necessary in order to implement a MPPT algorithm.
  2. Item two how is connected the power DC-DC converter for testing an algorithm of MPPT?. The mayority of the examples under this effect does not depicts a model built in with a MPPT algorithm because of the lack of the DC-DC power converter.I hope you can give me some insights in order to overcome these issues.Best wishes!.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 2 Sep 2020
Hello Tony,
as to 1: that particular solar panel model is modelled as a current source, so it cannot connect directly with an inductor. If this limiation is problematic, you can use the simscape solar cell instead, which will not have this issue: You will need to rebuild your models in simscape instead of specialized power systems.

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