Can I create MEX file with other than Gcc 6.3.x compiler

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I see in documentation, MATLAB support GCC6.3.x version on Linux. I have installed 6.5.0. I want to ask, can It work or it should be only 6.3 ?

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Harry Vancao
Harry Vancao on 5 Nov 2018
Hi Hafiz,
I understand that you are currently interested in using GCC 6.5.0 with a MATLAB Release that only supports GCC 6.3.X. You should be able to use the newer version of GCC as your compiler without error.
However, MATLAB will throw a warning for the compiler mismatch. Please note, that we cannot guarantee that all functionality will behave as expected if you use the newer compiler so it is recommended that you use GCC 6.3.X

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