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modeling stepper motor

Asked by Walid
on 29 Mar 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Noumee naoum on 26 Apr 2016

My name is Walid EL FEZZANI, I'm a Ph.D student in INSAT in Tunisia, my research is turning around modeling hybrid stepper motor, I read a paper "Stepper Motor Model for Dynamic Simulation" for Professor Alexandru Morar and I made a modelisation of the stepper in open loop using simulink but it not works. I need help please concerning the stepper modelization in open loop. You can contact me via mail and I'll giv you my .mdl and .m files for exchange solutions and ideas. Mail: walidfezzani[at]

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I 'm interested in this project. I send you an email. please check it

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1 Answer

Answer by Walid
on 15 Oct 2011

I find the model of the hybrid linear stepper motor

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