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How do I code to preform binary thresholding on image C? With the threshold values being .25,.63, and .89? And then display the images obtained and label the thresholds used in the plots.

Asked by John Marl on 10 Nov 2018
Latest activity Answered by Image Analyst
on 11 Nov 2018
a=imread('C:\Users\Nathan Donatell\Pictures\SanDiego.jpg');
g = rgb2gray(a);
b = im2double(g);
c= mat2gray(a);
D1=c .^(1/4);
D2=c .^(1/2);
D3=c .^(2/2);
D4=c .^(3/2);
subplot(2,4,1); imshow(D1); title('1/4');
subplot(2,4,5); imhist(D1, 256*1/4);
subplot(2,4,2); imshow(D2); title('1/2');
subplot(2,4,6); imhist(D2, 256*1/2);
subplot(2,4,3); imshow(D3); title('2/2');
subplot(2,4,7); imhist(D3, 256*2/2);
subplot(2,4,4); imshow(D4); title('3/2');
subplot(2,4,8); imhist(D4, 256*3/2);

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What did you find when you searched the MATLAB documentation for information about thresholding?
I have already given you code to show you how to process images and display them and label them: where is your contribution in this?

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 11 Nov 2018

Try this:
bw1a = D1 < 0.25;
bw1b = D1 < 0.63;
bw1c = D1 < 0.89;
bw2a = D2 < 0.25;
bw2b = D2 < 0.63;
bw2c = D2 < 0.89;
Same for D3 and D4. That thresholds your images to create binary images. Then use subplot() and imshow() to plot the 12 images.


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