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what str2num will perform?

Asked by Shan Sha on 13 Nov 2018
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on 13 Nov 2018
fid = fopen(txtfile,'r');
tline = fgetl(fid);
index = findstr(tline,'.');
i = i+1;
filenames(i) = str2num(tline(1:index-1))+1;
what is the function of str2num here? I am not getting clear with the mathwork help. Can anyone explain in brief?


on 13 Nov 2018
It converts a string to a number, if such a conversion makes sense.
You can just try it on your command line, e.g.
str2num( '17' )
doc str2num
is fairly clear though?! It gives clear examples.
on 13 Nov 2018
As the documentation mentions, str2num uses eval and might thus have unintended side effects, which you can avoid by using str2double. In most cases these two functions should be equivalent.

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