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What is the sampling frequency of the output of the qammod/rec​tangularqa​mmodulator​?

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Meabh Loughman
Meabh Loughman on 14 Nov 2018
Hi All,
I am generating a signal using the following code:
num_of_points = 7000; %arbitrary
bits_per_point = 2;%arbritrary
binary_data = randi([0 1], num_of_points * bits_per_point, 1 );
modulator = comm.RectangularQAMModulator('ModulationOrder', 4, 'BitInput', true);
modulated_data= step(modulator, binary_data);
I am confused about the sampling frequency of modulated_data:
1) it is the symbol rate (fsym = 2Hz)
2)It is 2 the bandwidth of the signal (5MHz * 2)
3) I sample the output data using my own chosen sampling frequency divided by the fsym.
Really what I am asking is does anyone know how would you determine the sampling frequency of the output of the modulator?
Kindest Regards,

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