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pcolor - colorbar question

Asked by Robert
on 17 Nov 2018
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on 18 Nov 2018
I am creating maps using pcolor with a colorbar using colors from white to yellow to light red for small to medium to large values, respectively. I am using caxis to request the limits of the colorbar, however when I have outliers (extreme large numbers) in my data I see that my map now has dark red, black or gray colors where those extreme values are instead of the light red color I defined for large values. How could I force the extreme values of my data to have the light red color that I defined for my colorbar and skip those unwanted colors in my map?


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Thank you, db!
I am defining C before colorbar. But I believe my problem is related to the fact that pcolor do not use the last row and column of C, which relate to my extreme values. Do you know if is a go-around solution to this?
on 17 Nov 2018
Ummm...I thunk based on doc that the extremes of the values passed to pcolor were mapped to that range so there wouldn't be any values beyond there...
Can you post a code snippet and data that illustrates your problem for folks to poke at? Attaching .mat file is probably most compact/convenient way to provide the data.
Thank you so much dpb. I found a solution to my problem by using contourf, which allow me to have extreme data values as part of the maps colors.

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