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polarplot and colormap in polar coordinate

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Flo brd
Flo brd on 22 Nov 2018
Commented: Flo brd on 22 Nov 2018
I am a bit struggling with my polar plot. I am playing with strikes and dips, and for each pair of those, an "intensity". I'd like to plot this surface/contourf/whatever function on my polarplot. I cannot find the handle to do so. My variable Dpp2 contains the intensity value for a given theta and rho/ strike and dip.
Thank you for your help. Here is an example:
xTmp = (0:4:360);
yTmp = (0:22.5:90);
[strike,dip]= meshgrid(deg2rad(xTmp),deg2rad(yTmp));
dip2 = rad2deg(dip);
strike2 =rad2deg(strike);
figure('name', 'COLD');
polarplot([0 360],[0 90]);
s = surf(strike2, dip2, DPp2);


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jonas on 22 Nov 2018
I don't know if there's a built in function for this. For scattered data you could use
polarscatter(strike2(:), dip2(:), [],DPp2(:))
For polar surface plots, you could use some FEX function, like this

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Flo brd
Flo brd on 22 Nov 2018
I actually tried that, but the result is quite blury unfortunately.

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