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controlling the size of mask dialog box in SIMULINK

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is there any option to control the size of the mask dialog box of a masked subsystem?
When there are many paramters to be displayed, the mask dialog box will have vertical slidebars which can be manually controlled. This happens eventhough there is enough place in the monitor to display everything. I want to define this size of the mask dialog box programmatically so that every parameter is displayed in the dialog box without scrollbars. Please let me know if it possible.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 4 Apr 2013
I don't think this is currently possible. Please feel free to submit an enhancement request via MathWorks Tech Support however, so that the development team is aware of this need.
Dani Tormo
Dani Tormo on 5 Apr 2013
And how could be that in the simscape library its mask shape changes as you are changing the settings?

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Accepted Answer

Timo Dörsam
Timo Dörsam on 5 Apr 2013
Hi there,
I found a way to manipulate the size via undocumented DAStudio.
... but only if the blockmask is already open:
% (1) get DAStudio handles of open dialogs,
% my case 2 open dialogs: "DAStudio.Dialog: 2-by-1"
h2AllOpenDlgs = DAStudio.ToolRoot.getOpenDialogs;
% (2) you can strfind/strcmp-identify it via title or block's path+name.
% ... but let's take the first dialog
strDlgTitle = h2AllOpenDlgs(1).getTitle;
strPath2Parent = h2AllOpenDlgs(1).getSource.getBlock.Path;
strBlockName = h2AllOpenDlgs(1).getSource.getBlock.Name;
% (3) get old position of dlg:
iPos = h2AllOpenDlgs(1).position;
% (4) manipulate dialog size
h2AllOpenDlgs(1).position = [iPos(1) iPos(2) iPos(3)*2 iPos(4)*2];
% there is also an option to get the ".dialogTag": 'SubSystem.WINDOW_CONTROLLER'

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