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How to get a small GUI window figure which is saved before?

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Luna on 27 Nov 2018
Edited: Luna on 27 Nov 2018
Hello !
I have created a GUI with my own code. In my GUI, I have 2 buttons: Add New and Edit.
When clicked on Add New, there is another Mini GUI opens and asks for details of the user going to be added.
After adding a new user, the user appears in the table, I also save them by their names under a struct behind. (struct fieldnames will be unique so no worries)
When clicked on a user in the table, and then click edit, I want to open the same mini GUI with the informations filled with corresponding user infos on uicontrol elements.
I really appreciate your help on this problem. Thanks!!
Note: The codes are attached. runApp.m runs the GUI.

Accepted Answer

Rik on 27 Nov 2018
You can edit the addNewUserGUI function to accept pre-filled information. You can use this to set the Value parameter of each dropdown to the appropriate selection value.
Luna on 27 Nov 2018
Works like a charm!
I used to loop through the dropdown menu string cell to get location of the element that I am looking for. ismember is my fav function now.
Thanks Rik! :)

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