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getpixelposition vs OuterPosition of figure

Asked by Jim Hokanson on 27 Nov 2018
Latest activity Edited by Jim Hokanson on 27 Nov 2018
I'm getting different values from getpixelposition and the OuterPosition of the figure ...
ans =
3062 537 2201 801
>> getpixelposition(gcf)
ans =
3070 545 2185 708
>> get(gcf,'Position')
ans =
3070 545 2185 708
What gives? Why is there an 8 pixel discrepancy on each side?
Edit: I added 'Position' to show that this is the same as getpixelposition when units are pixels per Luna's comment. Note that Position is larger than OuterPosition for all properties except the height ...


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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 27 Nov 2018
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The larger one probably includes the operating system borders of the figure, while the smaller one does not include the border. That's my guess.

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That appears to be correct, although the border appears to be invisible! It is also unclear what determines border size, as I've seen previous code that hardcoded the size that was incorrect ...
In the mean time I'm launching a temporary figure to determine this discrepancy. It's not ideal but it appears to work. The alternative is to temporarily change the units on the figure of interest but I'm trying to avoid that.

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Answer by Luna
on 27 Nov 2018
Edited by Luna
on 27 Nov 2018

Hi Jim,
I generally set 'units' property as 'normalized' for all figures and uicontrol elements in my codes.
Even the screen resolution changes from one monitor to another the position of your figure window appears in the same position.
get(gcf,'Position') equals to getpixelposition(gcf).
If you use OuterPosition you will get different value.
Position and OuterPosition are different things. Check below to see Position, InnerPosition & OuterPosition.
Also check below link Jan has written:


The outerposition includes the title, toolbar, and menubar.
What's strange is that the 'outerposition' is missing some sort of invisible border that 'position' keeps.
Edit: Nevermind, the outerposition is larger than the position on the sides by the invisible border width ...
But Position (the red line) is inside the Outerposition (blue) so why do you say that? If it's inside the blue, then the outer coordinates of the blue line should take it into account.
Because I didn't get enough sleep last night and it was only when I was trying to explain it to you that I realized my mistake!

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