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Question about STL file

Asked by Ano
on 4 Dec 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Cris LaPierre on 5 Dec 2018
I have an STL file which contains the facets and vertices. My concern is about the way the facets are saved because I have noticed that the facets don't seem to have any common nodes with each other which is not obvious for me, so it would be very much appreciated if anyone can tell if this is normal or I am having some problem in my file!
Note: I have attached a screenshot of the STL file
Thank you and best regards!facets_stl.png


on 4 Dec 2018
Attach your file.....the faces/ triangles should be sharing nodes.
Thank you for you reply.
yes I agree that they should by they are not sharing nodes and the model seems to be correct!
Any ideas?!
Note: Please find attached the STL file and the facets and the nodes .
Thank you and best regards!

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1 Answer

Answer by Cris LaPierre on 5 Dec 2018
Edited by Cris LaPierre on 5 Dec 2018
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How are you reading the file into MATLAB? If I follow the example on the stlread documentation, I can import and plot the mesh.
data = stlread('femur.stl');
The interesting thing is the numbers from the various files are different.
  • stlread imports 33332x3 points and 66670x3 ConnectivityList
  • Your screenshot shows the values similar to what I see in ConnectivityList, but 178726x3 of them.
  • fv contains 66674x3 faces and 200022x3 vertices. How were faces and vertices created?


thank you for your reply!
here what I get when executing the same line with the same version of Matlab that you are usingversion__of__matlab.png!
What stl file are you loading? Please share your code as well.
Also, I suspect you are using a file exchange function, while I am using the function that comes with MATLAB. Please run the command
which stlread
I get 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018b\toolbox\matlab\polyfun\stlread.m'

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