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how to add lines to histograms plotted by plotmatrix

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I want to add vertical lines to histograms plotted in the diagonal of a matrix of pair-wise scatter plots. I tried to use the graphic objects returned by plotmatrix;
[S,AX,BigAx,H,HAx] = plotmatrix(X); % X has 15 columns
for example,
subplot(15,15,1); hold on; line([1.2,1.2],get(AX(1),'YLim'),'Color','r')
AX(15); plot([1.2,1.2],[0,1.5],'Color','r')
etc. But so far none has worked out. I would appreciate any clue as I am clueless.
I use Matlab 2018a. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 4 Dec 2018
How about the following?
% Sample data
X = rand(50,3);
[~,ax] = plotmatrix(X);
plot(ax(1,3),[0.2 0.2],ax(1,3).YLim,'r:','LineWidth',2)
plot(ax(2,1),[0.5 0.5],ax(2,1).YLim,'r','LineWidth',2)
Just FYI:
If you can upgrade your MATLAB to R2018b, you can do the same thing slightly easier by using newly introduced xline function, like:
[~,ax] = plotmatrix(X);
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Etsuko on 5 Dec 2018
Thank you very much!
It needed to specify the axis of the histograms. Just an easy modification of your suggestion did what I wanted. Thank you!
[S,AX,BigAx,H,HAx] = plotmatrix(X); % X has 15 columns
plot(HAx(1,1),[2.2 2.2],HAx(1,1).YLim,'r:','LineWidth',2)

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