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Is there issue with .mat files in matlab R2018b?

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Alban du Puytison
Alban du Puytison on 5 Dec 2018
Commented: Alban du Puytison on 21 Jan 2019
Hello, I have some issue with mat file corrupted with matlab r2018. I did not have the issue before. Does someone have the same issue?
Alban du Puytison
Alban du Puytison on 21 Jan 2019
ok I will try agin with more disk space. Thanks

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Jan 2019
Is this part of the error message exactly how it appears in the Command Window?
Can not write file C:\Users\STG\Desktop\ART_LTS_FUJ_Loop3\Results Simu\LMP1\[Auto Simu - Swept
Parameters] Results\1819R04_FUJ_Loop4_RRH_4.mat.
If so your directory path may include a newline character and that's not allowed according to this page on Microsoft's website. Compare S1 and S2 from the below example:
S1 = ['C:\Users\STG\Desktop\ART_LTS_FUJ_Loop3\Results Simu\LMP1\[Auto Simu - Swept', ...
newline 'Parameters] Results\']
S2 = strrep(S1, newline, ' ')
Try replacing the newline character with a space (or nothing, using '') as I did when I created S2 and see if save accepts the file name created using that modified path.
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Alban du Puytison
Alban du Puytison on 18 Jan 2019
there is no new line, it just because of the copy and paste from the matlab consol

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