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Is there documentation for the 6DOF Airframe Simulink Template?

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Kristen Feight
Kristen Feight on 6 Dec 2018
Answered: Collin Russo on 23 Jan 2019
The 6DOF Airframe Simulink Template utilizes a multitude of constants related to the airframe and control surface aerodynamic properties. Is there documentation that exists which defines/explains the required input values?

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Collin Russo
Collin Russo on 23 Jan 2019
The airframe modeled in the 6DOF template is the de Havilland Beaver. The same airframe is modeled in the Aerospace Blockset example asbdhc2. The asbdhc2 example is based on the work of Marc Rauw of Delft University of Technology - (listed in the asbdhc2 model).

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