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how to install the SPM 12 into Matlab?

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Catarina Gaglianone
Catarina Gaglianone on 13 Dec 2018
Commented: Pragya Verma on 19 Aug 2020
I have downloaded spm 12,(files from UCL) but I cant use it in matlab.
I dont know what to do and I have tried several times and no use. Could you please give me instructions on how to use SPM to carry out my analysis

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Ale804 on 5 Aug 2019
I found this helpful (you have to add ALL subfolders - which none fo the install guides mention..

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Answers (1)

Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse on 26 Dec 2018
I found the installation instructions on the following SPM Wiki Page:
You will need to follow these steps to get SPM working:
1) Unzip in a folder of your choice, such as C:\Users\login\Documents\MATLAB\spm12).
2) Start MATLAB and add SPM into your path, either using File > Set Path > Add Folder... or typing the following in the MATLAB Command window:
>> addpath C:\Users\login\Documents\MATLAB\spm12
3) Launch SPM by using the command
>> spm
However, please note that the SPM Wiki page has been marked as outdated. You might need to figure out some additional steps to get this working.


Smriti Chaudhury
Smriti Chaudhury on 2 Jun 2020
When I'm trying to do it on online version, i am getting an error which says, 'unrecognized function or variable spm' even after setting the path. Where did i go wrong?
Hilary Dagg
Hilary Dagg on 21 Jul 2020
I am having the same problem, followed the steps on the Wiki exactly yet still coming up as "unrecognizd function" when I type in spm to open it.
Pragya Verma
Pragya Verma on 19 Aug 2020
I am facing the same problem. Could anyone fix it?

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