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cell2mat error in reading in e+ (scientific notation)

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cgenes on 14 Dec 2018
Commented: Guillaume on 20 Dec 2018
i'm really puzzled as this bit of code has worked well in the past - but now does not work properly, as it no longer converts the scientific notation of large numbers imported from the text file (i.e.5e+10), it gives numbers like 0.000001 instead, or just 0, when using cell2mat
fid=fopen('base.vtk','r'); % open the file; be sure to add the error-checking code
l=fgetl(fid); % read first record
while ~strcmp(l,'absorb_dens 1 1030301 double') % loop until find the magic record
data=textscan(fid,'','collectoutput',1); % read, convert cell to double array
fid=fclose(fid); % done with file, go on..
data_1 = cell2mat(data);
does it work for you? my file is quite big but can be downloaded here.
it's a .vtk file - but when opend in matlab looks just like a .txt
Guillaume on 20 Dec 2018
I would still heed Walter's warning that the syntax you're using is undocumented and likely to break under unspecified conditions (and not work at all in future versions of matlab).

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