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how to transmit data serially from Raspberry Pi to Arduino through USB cable?

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Omkar Bhanap
Omkar Bhanap on 15 Dec 2018
Commented: Omkar Bhanap on 25 Dec 2018
Basically, my objective is to: Take a snapshot from an USB camera connected to Raspberry Pi and detect a particular object and followed by some calculations, serially transmit a 1x3 vector to Arduino Uno through USB cable.
Now , I created two models, one is to serially transmit the data from Raspberry Pi, while the other is used to serially receive the data and to flag the led on/off. These models were deployed to their respective hardwares, but I was unable to get the results. Please help me to fix this problem. I have attached both the Simulink models with this question.
Also, do I need to connect the two boards ground and vcc pins(through voltage divider bridge) together for this?
Omkar Bhanap
Omkar Bhanap on 25 Dec 2018
Thanks for the help. I followed the code generation training by Connel Sir. The last video tutorial on Hardware Implementation was really great. Just connected the two boards using USB cable, deployed the Simulink models and that's it.

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