Why am I not able to execute my standalone application on only certain end user machines?

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I have built a very simple standalone application using MATLAB Compiler R2018b on Windows. The standalone application runs on some end user's machines, but it does not run on certain user's machines with the following error message.
Undefined function or variable 'ctfroot'.
Error in checkRequiredMCRProducts (line 14)

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 28 Dec 2018
Please delete the CTF extraction folder and re-run the executable file.
For example,
Martin on 30 Sep 2022
This is a work-around that might fix the immediate need of the user, there is a chance that it will happen again when they re-run the executable.
On some machines we are seeing this issue repeatedly and very often (currently using MATLAB Compiler 2019b). Has there been any work done on fixing the underlying issue? Could you point to things that might cause it, e.g. virus scanning software, etc?

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