How do I control/view colorbar axis width?

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Michael on 2 Jan 2019
Commented: Michael on 2 Jan 2019
I need to know how to read the width of a colorbar including its axis labels. I am trying to configure the position of my colorbar to a specific location in my figure window and I need to offset other figure position properties based on the width of the colorbar and its labels so that they don't overlap.
Elsewhere in my figure generation script, I have successfully used h.Position, h.Outerposition, and h.TightInset to read and configure the location of the subplots in my figure window. The colorbar has a position property (h_cbar.Position) but this appears to be similar to the figure axis Position property - i.e. it does not include the axes. I need the TightInset equivalent for a colorbar to know the width of the colorbar tick labels and axes label. The attached image shows that I am looking for.
Thanks in advance.

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