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Gantt chart with superimposed values

Asked by PAK
on 5 Jan 2019
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on 5 Jan 2019
Hi All,
I was wondering if there is a way in Matlab to create a gantt chart using the min/max of variable? I've read a little bit about J Free Chart, but would rather not use 3rd party software, if I can help it. Essentially what I'd like to do is plot the min / max frequencies I've detected on a channel.
The x axis would be a range of frequencies, ranging from [1,200] Hz. The y axis would be the channel, ranging from 1 to however many channels I have (currently 48) --> so [1,48].
The chart itself would consist of a series of lines for each channel at the min/max frequency bands that I find. So for example, if in channel 1, I identified 3 bands with min/max or edges of 1-5 Hz, 11-23 Hz, and 45-50 Hz, there would be three lines corresponding to those ranges at y = 1. I'd also like to add a red indicator for the mode of that channel/band - so if the mode is at (for each band - 2.5 Hz, 14 Hz, and 47 Hz), I'd like a red indicator at those values at y = 1.
I apologize if this is confusing, it is hard to explain without some visual aids. If there is an easier way to represent this data, please feel free to suggest, I am open to anything!


on 5 Jan 2019
How about either a picture of a similar chart from the literature of your field of the type you're trying to reproduce or, if just conceptual, sketch something of what you envision and attach that image for us to visualize...
on 5 Jan 2019
Thanks for responding. I've attached a sketch of what I envision this chart would look like. Additionally, I've annotated it a bit to explain.
The "edges" values for each channel are the min and max of the frequency bands my algorithm detected. The mode of the frequency band is represented as a blue line.
Please let me know if you need more detail. And as always, thanks for your help!

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