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Why there is no data acquisition devices available?

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Jonathan Bijman
Jonathan Bijman on 9 Jan 2019
Commented: Ming Yue on 11 Jan 2019
I´ve been working with USB 1208FS and appears a message, like this
"no data acquisition devices available"
I downloaded the additional software for USB 1208FS, such as:
-Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Measurement Computing Hardware
-Matlab version 2018b
-Data Acquisition Toolbox version: Name: 'Data Acquisition Toolbox' Version: '3.14' Release: '(R2018b)'
Despite that, I can´t get to measure voltage. Please help me!
I'm looking forward your comments and reply.
Thanks a lot!

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Ming Yue
Ming Yue on 11 Jan 2019
What is the output if you enter the following commands into MATLAB? They check for installed drivers for vendors and available devices.
>>daq.getVendors() % you should be able to see Measurement Computing as a vendor if device driver is installed correctly
Also, make sure you are able to get voltage reading from the device without MATLAB. Is there any software shipped with the device that allow you to read voltage to computer?

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