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Can't change directories in the "current folder" file browser in R2018a?

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I'm running R2018a on a Mac with High Sierra 10.13.6. When I double-click on a folder in the "current folder" file browser, nothing happens. The only way I can change directories is in the command window, which is annoying. What gives?

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Moby Philip
Moby Philip on 13 Jan 2019
Hello Adam,
I have attached an image where we can simply paste the file path and matlab will read through that path. But an easier way is to use matlab defined function "cd". I had attached the site where you can get the information regarding "cd"function.
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Adam Snyder
Adam Snyder on 13 Jan 2019
Thanks for the reply, but that doesn't address my question. I'm asking about why the graphical user interface doesn't work. I'm already using "cd" or the full path as a work-around.

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