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Matlab R2018b did not open anymore

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Alban du Puytison
Alban du Puytison on 21 Jan 2019
Answered: Taleb Vahabzadeh on 8 Feb 2020
I have an issue with Matlab R2018b, it doesn't open anymore.
I tried to unistall and install again and it was ok. But then again this morning, I cannot open it.
When I click on the icon, nothing happen and there is no processus running.
If I go to MATLAB\R2018b\bin and try to run from here, I have the same issue.
Thanks in advance.
Vitor Manuel Ribeiro
Vitor Manuel Ribeiro on 3 Feb 2020
Just do this. It may solve your problem. After Installation i could not start Matlab r2018 and i just delete the folder mentioned in the link and it work.

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jan 2019
Alban du Puytison
Alban du Puytison on 4 Feb 2019
I cannot help you, as I unistall and install again and now it is working but I do not know why. I did not call mathworks. Sorry.

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Taleb Vahabzadeh
Taleb Vahabzadeh on 8 Feb 2020
I have been facing the same issue. I solved the problem by installing the newer version of Matlab(in my case, I install matlab2017b witch I already had version 2016b of it.) on a different path.




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