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How do I programmatically set the size of the the web browser window that is created with the MATLAB web command " web " ?

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I would like to use MATLAB's built-in web capabiliies to open a web page and place it on my screen in a specific location.
For example, when I enter the command:
[h1,h2,h3]=web('','-notoolbar','-new'); % open a web page
I am able to determine the location of the web page on my screen:
webPageScreenInfo = ([h2.getLocationOnScreen.x, ...
h2.getLocationOnScreen.y, ...
h2.getSize.width, ...
I have only been able to get the location but not to set the location.
And my available screen size is given by:
availableScreenSize = get( groot, 'Screensize' ); % determine size of my screen
I have played with some undocumented stuff in MATLAB by exploring these commands and a few others:
com.mathworks.mlservices.MatlabDesktopServices.getDesktop.closeGroup('Web Browser')
I am lost on how to proceed. Please help!


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Accepted Answer

Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 23 Jan 2019
Edited: Yair Altman on 24 Jan 2019
Note: undocumented/unsupported:
[h1,h2,h3] = web('','-notoolbar','-new'); % open a web page
drawnow; pause(0.05);
jWindow = h2.getTopLevelAncestor;
jWindow.setSize(java.awt.Dimension(800,400)); % width,height
jWindow.setLocation(java.awt.Point(300,500)); % x,y
Note that the x,y location is the pixel-position of the window's top-left corner, downward & rightward of the top-left monitor corner (unlike Matlab which measures upward from bottom-left, Java measures downward from top-left).
Yair Altman


Christopher Stokely
Christopher Stokely on 24 Jan 2019
Thanks Yair.
I incorporated the code snippit that you suggested. However, I get the following error shown in bold print::
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type
when my very short program encounters the script command you suggested:
jWindow.setSize(java.awt.Dimension(800,400)); % width,height
Note that the jWindow object is empty after the command
jWindow = h2.getTopLevelAncestor
I am running MATLAB 2018B.
Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 24 Jan 2019
You need to let the new window fully render before retrieving its window handle. You do this with a drawnow and/or pause command. I edited my answer above to reflect this. You can modify the pause duration [or perhaps even eliminate the pause altogether) to suit your specific platform.
Yair Altman

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