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how to enter struct into new struct ?

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tomer polsky
tomer polsky on 24 Jan 2019
Commented: tomer polsky on 24 Jan 2019
hello I am currently reading data from UART using RS232 cable . the thing is that i can read the data how ever for some reaoson i can read only 512 samples . my question is simple is there a way to enter 512 sample each time to a new structer ?
for exmaple the first time i get 512 samples and then put this sample into a new struct calded data1
then the next time i read a new 512 samples it get to 513 to 1024 . this is myt code :
clear all
% Instrument Connection
% Find a serial port object.
obj1 = instrfind('Type', 'serial', 'Port', 'COM7', 'Tag', '');
% Create the serial port object if it does not exist
% otherwise use the object that was found.
if isempty(obj1)
obj1 = serial('COM7');
obj1 = obj1(1);
% Configure instrument object, obj1.
set(obj1, 'Terminator', {'','LF'});
set(obj1, 'Timeout', 1000.0);
set(obj1, 'Terminator', {'','LF'});
set(obj1, 'Terminator', {'','LF'});
% Instrument Connection
% Connect to instrument object, obj1.
% Instrument Configuration and Control
% for i=0:1:2
% Communicating with instrument object, obj1.
for i=1:2
data1 = fread(obj1, 512, 'uint8');
% end
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Stephen23 on 24 Jan 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 24 Jan 2019
"...and then put this sample into a new struct calded data1 "
Using numbered variables is a sign that you are doing something wrong. Your code will be much simpler and more efficient if you use indexing (such as what Bob Nbob shows in their answer).

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Answers (1)

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 24 Jan 2019
I'm going to assume that data(i) = data1 does not work, because you're trying to put an entire array into a single element of a doubles matrix. You can either replace this by doing a cell matrix for data, or by doing a structure as you suggested.
data{i} = data1 % Cell method (index with curly braces)
instrument(i).data = data1 % structure method (probably want to change variable names


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