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Can I modify the banner for a MATLAB web-app

Asked by Julian
on 29 Jan 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Julian
on 10 Jul 2019
when running a particular web app, there is a fat banner labelled "MATLAB Web Apps" at the top of the browser screen. There is also a footer with the button "Show log". I have a shortage of screen real estate when running my app as space is lost at the top and bottom of the browser window, together with the browsers own menus and tabs etc.
I don't mind the banner on the Web apps home screen (showing apps directory) although it would be nice to customise this (e.g. adding links, logos etc).
I would like to eliminate at least the top banner for a running app (it offers no functionality).


Is there any comment on the above inquiry? I am also interested in the same functionality. For my team, the large top banner could even be a "show stopper"... That would be sad.
As you can see there are no Answers to this question. I have asked MathWorks directly and I will post their response here.
@Chris - Good news I would think from your perspective?

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1 Answer

Answer by Julian
on 10 Jul 2019
 Accepted Answer

I contacted Mathworks and they pointed out that the banner "MATLAB Web Apps" disappears for running apps in R2019a. I note you can resize the web-app display and there is a new button to maximise it.
The footer at the bottom of the web-app which contains the Show Log button and the new "Maximise" icon persists, so you do lose some space to that. I made a request that they might shrink the size of these icons/buttons...


I also contacted Mathwors and they replied that the banner is no longer visible in R2019b (still in pre-release stage). Have you indeed checked if R2019a also suppresses it?
Yes, I am running an app in R2019a

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