Smooth output Neural Network

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Ashikur on 23 Jul 2012
"well, i am in a trouble. for more than a week and i am trying to solve my problem but no avail. my problem is the output of my network, the real output is look like linear , but looks like stairs , as every 36 of my input has the same value and it is increasing,
well, can you help me to smooth my output from the ANN or tell me what to do as i am stuck"
... This is asked by someone else, I did not quite understand his situation. You might.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 25 Jul 2012
Edited: Greg Heath on 25 Jul 2012
The input is stairstep shaped but the target is linear.
If so, there is no way to model this with a static NN.
Perhaps a time-series net that takes into account past inputs and outputs is what is needed.
help narxnet
doc narxnet
Good Luck!

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