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fit type, automatic variable input

Asked by Manuel
on 24 Jul 2012


I am using matlab for non linear fitting of nonlinear model parameters to data, with parameters constrains.

My model is something like this:


where the first 11 arguments are paramenters and x is the variable

To fit the parameters I want to use:

mdl = @(s1,sy,syD,su,ep,eu,b2,b3,slin,ey,b1,x) model(s1,sy,syD,su,ep,eu,b2,b3,slin,ey,b1,x); fit_typ = fittype(mdl,'option',fit_opt); [Yfitt,gof,output]=fit(X,Y,fit_typ,'Start',p)

and is ok. But if I change the name of the parameter that I want to fit, I need to change it in the code manually.

Is there any way to automatically insert the parameter names from the input or a variable that I define at the beginning??

I have tryed something like:




and then

mdl = @(a,x)model(a,x); fit_typ = fittype(mdl,'option',fit_opt); [Yfitt,gof,output]=fit(X,Y,fit_typ,'Start',p)

But it doesn't work. Thank you very much in advance.


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