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I want to Create a Cylinder with multiple layers and different dielectrics at each layer. Essentially I am trying to design a simple multilayer absorber around a cylinder from a monolayer to a multilayer one

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Gibliano on 26 Jul 2012
Answered: nageswara rao on 3 Jul 2014
I am trying to create a multi-layer absorber around a cylinder. I intend creating a cylinder with a number of layers from 1 for a monolayer abosrber out to 10 for multi layers I am looking for information on this type of absorber design. The following is some code. Eps_r and Sig_r are values pre defined in an array
% code radius=5 numcyl=10; for j=ja:jb for i=ia:ib xdist=(ic-i); ydist=(jc-j); dist=sqrt((xdist^2)+(ydist^2)); if(dist<=radius) eps_r=epsilon(1); sig_r=sigma(1); elseif (dist<=radius+.05 eps_r=epsilon(2); sig_r=sigma(2); elseif (dist<=radius+.10) eps_r=epsilon(3); sig_r=sigma(3); endif end end end

Accepted Answer

Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon on 26 Jul 2012
Are you trying to create a vizualization or the actual material model?
For visualization you could use the CYLINDER command with different inputs to create cylinders. For modeling the material, you could write a function encapsulating the mathematical model of the material.

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nageswara rao
nageswara rao on 3 Jul 2014
in that accepted answer, what ja,jb,ic,jc,ia,ib represnts? when i executed that scrit,it shows error Undefined function or variable 'ja'.
is it useful for implanted antenna on a body having multiple layers like skin,muscle,fat..? i.e to create a cylindrical body model of body of different layers having different sigma and epsilon_r?

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