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Matrix input in gui

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Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson on 20 Feb 2019
Answered: ES on 21 Feb 2019
My program should have an interface where the user can choose the size of a square matrix from a popup menu, for example. According to that size, a table or a matrix-like structure should change its size in real time when a value is chosen from the menu. After the user inputs the values the matrix should be stored.
I just started to learn matlab and i stumbled upon what elements to use in order to visually recreate a matrix looking structure and how to make the connection between those elements and a popup menu. I would be very grateful if someone would give me some tips.

Answers (1)

ES on 21 Feb 2019
Use UITABLE. It looks tabular and all properties (colums, rows, etc) can be modified from the callback of the popup!


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