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Fresnel transform of an image

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Nbillah on 22 Feb 2019
Answered: Lily Zhang on 8 Jul 2019
Hi All,
I did FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) and and remove the 0 order from the FFT image and then apply IFT. Now I want to perfom Fresnel transform of that image.
Could you please share example code for me for the fresnel transform of an image?

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj on 25 Feb 2019
Edited: Walter Roberson on 1 Mar 2019
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Nbillah on 1 Mar 2019
Thank you Munish. Yes, actually I saw that work, but I dont understand where I will put my image? They did not work with any real image.

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Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang on 8 Jul 2019
Hi ,Have you solved this problem?Now I met the same one and could you please share your solution?Thank you so much

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