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Reseting Simulinks Logic Analyzer

Asked by Rafael Kübler on 22 Feb 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Rafael Kübler on 25 Feb 2019
After deleting waves from Simulinks Logic Analyzer I am not able to restore these properly.
Useing the button "Restore all prevously delted Waves" seems not to work properly. They do appear in the wave list on the left side but they don't have full funktionality. The register "Wave" (next to "Logic Analyzer" and "Trigger") is missing, when i select one of the waves.
Is there a way to reset the Logic Analyzer, so all logged waves appear again like the first time i opend the Logic Analyzer?
Thank you for you help.


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1 Answer

Answer by Jason Schickler on 22 Feb 2019

Hi Rafael,
What release of MATLAB are you seeing this behavior? The "Wave" tab is appearing when I try this in the latest release.

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Im using R2018b.
The "Wave" tab is there. But when i delete a wave signal and then use the "Restore all prevously delted Waves" button, the "Wave" tab doesn't appear again.

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