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Yihan Ma

How to draw this 2 dimension figure (antenna feature) in Matlab?

Asked by Yihan Ma
on 25 Feb 2019
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on 26 Feb 2019
In this paper “RF-DNA” Fingerprinting for Antenna Classification, Figure 2 is a 2-Dimension figure, but I am confused by this figure, based on the describe, the
data is the average value of many samples.
So I guess every colomn contain 51 points, so in this picture, a 51*3 data array (may be the data array in matlab like Data(51,3)) would be used.
My question is how to use only 51*3 array to draw the picture like this in Matlab.
Can anyone help me to explain the meaning of this figure, and how to draw in Matlab?


As per my understanding of your question, this contour plot you cam simply plot using the function contour. Please attach the mat file, so that we can help you a bit more effectively.
Please see my attachment about this .mat file.

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Answer by ANKUR KUMAR on 25 Feb 2019
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I have just plotted your data simply.
Check this out.
figure('Units', 'Normalized', 'OuterPosition', [0, 0.04, 0.32, 0.96]);


Thanks for your code, it sames worked.
But I still have a little confused about this figure.
The figure shows in that paper looks symmetric, and Open, Short, Match Termination (three different colomns) are seperated placed in that figure.
The figure you plotted looks every colomn connected together.
Could you give me some ideas about how to deal with these problems?
Thanks very much.
For plotting the figure you attached, it needs at least 4 colomns in your data, as for one band, you need at least two colors to see the transformation.
Try using imagesc to plot, but still you can not get the above image, as you need more columns to get that plot.
Thanks for your reply, and I find if I insert zero colomn between the data colomn, I would get the figure similar to that paper.
As I shown below.
Anyway, thanks for your help, without your code, I cannot get this figure result.

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Answer by Yihan Ma
on 25 Feb 2019

Thanks for your reply, the attachment is the database, one is .txt format, one is .mat format. I don't have the original database, this is my simluation result based on the same method.

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Sorry, I have revised this mistake.

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