How to textscan broken, delimited line into cell array?

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I have data within a text file that looks like this:
CHANNEL = ['AngR', 'Time', 'Disp', 'Velo', &
'Acce', 'Load', 'Forc', 'BLod']
These are the header lines for the subsequent data. Sadly, it is broken into 2 lines and has a pesky & at the end of the first line
Ideally i want the result to be
Headers{j,1} = AngR
Headers{j,2} = Time
Headers{j,3} = Disp
and so on. I am reading through multiple files that look like this.
Is there any way to build a format specifier that will retrieve these 2 lines at once? or do i need to fgetl them separately and then start parsing it?
Tyler on 26 Feb 2019
Thank you,
i have uploaded more. Basically at the bottom of the file data continues on for many many lines, but its repeatable and i have no issue retrieving it.
What i want are 2 separate header arrays -> 1 for Channel and 1 for Unit

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