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Scanning the Object in Parts and Image Reconstruction

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Dear All,
I am working on a project of Object scanning, Detection and Image classification. Initially, the experiment setup is consist of three components: Light source, Object and CCD camera. The object will be illuminated by light source in parts with spot by spot scanning and every spot will be detected by camera. The spot size around 100*100 pixels, where the camera resolution is 1294*964. The experiment is conducted in dark environment so that only the illuminated spot will be detected and separated from camera's whole pixels. We need to follow this scanning process instead of capturing the whole object in a single shot. It is due to the final application, where we will use other type of detector with limited pixel area and thus by scanning, we can improve the overall resolution. Part of this setup sometime used in Remote sensing, 3D imaging, Airborne laser scanning etc.
Fig.1 shows the original image that is going to be scanned by spots with LED light. Fig. 2 is the image with all the spots as captured and selected by camera. The reconstructed image (fig.2) is not in good shape like original. Due to the circular shape of spot, some portions are dropped and also, I am confuse how to make a good outline of this image. Can anyone give me guidelines to improve the quality of reconstructed image as generated from the scanning process? What are the functions of Image Processing toolbox of MATLAB are useful for this case?

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 27 Feb 2019
To avoid the having non-illuminated black spots you cant move the light-source the full diameter in the horizontal direction, tight-packed circles does not completely fill the plane. A possible solution would be to move the illuminatin by 2*r*cos(30/180*pi) that way you'll get a complete illumination of the entire object, some regions will be illuminated twice. To work around that problem you could make one scan over a perfectly white object, add those images together (After casting to double) to get yourself a white-light reference (it will be ~twice as bright in the regions with overlapping illuminations) then you can repeat the process for your other objects, and use the white-light image to normalize the intensities.
pallab choudhury
pallab choudhury on 28 Feb 2019
Thanks Bjorn Gustavsson for your direction. I got your points and I will focus on it.
However, without go for very details inside of the Image, How can I extract the outer shape pixel values (as like the line in attached figure 'Image_Outline.jpg') from that scanned image so that the object can have better visulization? Can you suggest some MATLAB functions or process?

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